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* Fall 2021! Information to construct a Simple DIY Computer-Transceiver Interface for most digital modes * Simple DIY Computer-Transceiver Interface
Inexpensive and Capable, at a fraction of the cost of commercial units.
* IMPROVED for 2020: AMATEUR RADIO - Autotuner for Small Magnetic Loop Antennas * Autotuner for Small Magnetic Loop Antennas
This Autotuner makes many small magnetic loop antennas practical for amateur radio. The approach is unique, inexpensive, and ideal for experimenting.
* NEW 2019: WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporting) Presentation * WSPR Presentation Slides
WSPR is an amateur radio digital mode that is very useful for understanding radio signal propagation and for antenna testing.
* AMATEUR RADIO - Wood Travel Case for the Yaesu FT-817 * Wood case for the Yaesu FT-817(ND)
A different kind of travel case integrating the popular Yaesu FT-817(ND) transceiver, Elecraft T1 antenna tuner, and SignaLink computer interface.
* FOR ELECTRONICS ENTHUSIASTS! * Transistor Amplifier Program
Program for designing common, class A, transistor amplifier stages. Simple to use. Works with Windows and Linux/Wine.

* Nova Scotia RV Parking Ban

Lastest News and Economic Impact Study on Nova Sctotia's RV unfriendly past.
* SIMPLE, FUN PROJECT! * Digital Relative Field Strength Meter.
Inexpensive and simple to make meter for measuring comparative RF field signal strengths.
* Experimental Tuning Assistant Design for Amateur Radio
Low cost, easy to build tuning assistant (aid) for Yeasu FT-897 / FT-857 transceivers. It may be useful for other radios too.
* POPULAR! * Assembling the VK5JST Aerial Analyser Kit
How I put together the VK5JST Aerial Analyser kit. The VK5JST is a low cost, high quality, antenna analyzer in kit form sold by the South Coast Amateur Radio Club of Australia.
* Curing Honda Generator Hash
The cure for reception interference (hash) when operating some amateur radio equipment with a Honda EU1000i (maybe others) generator.
Other Information:

* Real RVers Guide to Seeing Nova Scotia

* Tekonsha Brake Controller Temperature Problem

Simple DIY Computer - Transceiver Digital Interface

Click on Image for TCA article

Designed for most Digital Modes such as: RMS Express ARDOP (Winlink), FT-8, JSCall, etc, etc., and ALL of the many popular modes supported by FLDIGI ... including CW

- Works with transceivers having a Data Port - most do
- Connects the same way as a SignaLink
- Cost of parts (not counting box enclosure) is about $15 CDN, or $30 CDN when adding an external sound card
- Unique circuit utilizing amplified saturated switch, and FLDIGI's Right Channel Tone Output feature
- AA battery powered, e.g. 6 Volts, for thousands of active hours

Major artical in the September-October, 2021, edition of TCA, "The Canadian Amateur", published by the Radio Amateurs of Canada national organizetion

Click Here for picture of Main Circuit

Click Here for picture of Computer Connection Circuit

Autotuner for Small Magnetic Loop Antennas

Click on Image for More Information
This Project Automates the Difficult Process of Tuning Small Magnetic Loop Antennas

- Autotuner parts cost $60 CDN on Ebay (not counting case)
- Tunes for maximum antenna radiated power
- Remote Tuning .... set up loop antenna away from operator
- Very simple to use
- Based on Picaxe micrcontroller and a stepper motor
- Computer reported tuning diagnostics available
- Effective easy coupling to antenna variable capacitor
- Uncomplicated construction
- PICAXE programs available for download
- NOW Printed Circuit Board Available for Easy Circuit Construction

See Autotuner artcles:
* TAPR, 'Packet Status Register' #144, Winter 2020.

* Radio Amateurs of Canada, 'TCA' (The Canadian Amateur), May-June 2018

* An Experimenters Dream!

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WSPR: Weak Signal Propagation Reporter
In League with Reverse Beacon Network and PSK Reporter WSPR is a tool for displaying and tabulating ham radio propagation data.
* * * * *

In the Sping of 2019 I prepared a presentation about WSPR, one of Joe Taylor's WSJT-X suite of weak signal amateur radio modes. The WSJT-X suit is free and available for most types of micrcomputers. The presentation examines WSPR in the context of the Reverse Beacon Network and the PSK Reporter. All three in their own way collect and present real-time data on the status of amateur radio signal propagation. Portraying and recording propagation conditions is WSPR's only focus.
WSPR Map Showing Transmitter-Receiver Connections
CLICK ON MAP to Download-View the WSPR
Comprehensive Presentation - 39 slides, PDF 4.3 Mbytes

The presentation also covers WSPR encoding, packet transmission, seeing and obtaining WSPR world-wide traffic on, and transmitting and receiving WSPR signals using a PC and transceiver or portable devices.WSPR is very effective for testing antenna capability. Observing how far and where a signal of a few milliwatts can travel is amazing.

Nova Scotia RV Parking Ban
* * * June 25, 2010 * * *

Previously, Nova Scotia was the only Provincial or State jurisdiction in Canada and the United States that officially baned RVers from parking overnight everywhere except in public and private campgrounds, regardless of the RVer's situation. This was inconvenient - even dangerous - for RVers. The existence of the ban gave Nova Scotia a reputation of being 'RV-Unfriendly', deterring many RVers from coming here and costing the Province millions of dollars in private and tax revenues and thousands of jobs. Provincial Government authorities have been telling RVers that they were not breaking the law when parking overnight away from authorized campgrounds. This was not the issue, because it was illegal for the property owners to allow RVers to park overnight. This RV parking situation has now been clarified for both private property owners and RVers. As far as the Provincial Government is concerned it is legal for an RVer to park overnight on any private property with the permission of the property owner to do so. Further, a private private property owner may permit an RVer to park overnight on his/her property without fear of prosecution.

Click Here for More Information

The RV Tourism Impact Study (accessed below) analyzes the economic consequences of the ban on Nova Scotia. For those not concerned with the Nova Scotia's previous treatment of RVers, the impact study includes a unique analysis of the North American RVing market which may be of wider interest.

Click on Image for
Study of the Effect on RV Tourism
of the Overnight Parking Ban
in Nova Scotia, 2005

An Economic Case Study
of Banning RV Parking

Click Here for Report Summary and
Download Options

'Amplifier' works well for me with a very wide range of circuit variations

Click on Image to Download

Transistor Amplifier Design Program
Design Building-Block Transistor Class A Amplifier Stages

Common Emitter Amplifier,
Based on NPN, Silicon Transistors

- Easy to Use
- Installation NOT required - simply download and RUN
- Runs to date with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10,
and Linux/Wine

This link has a download program called amplifier2013a.exe, including instructions in a Readme file. The program has been virus checked and is believed to run safely. Never the less, you should scan the program with your virus checker.

Click Here or On Image to Download a ZIP file (168 KB)

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Curing Generator 'Hash'
(received noise)
from My Honda EU1000i

Adding a Simple Common Mode Filter to the
Power Cord of My Honda EU1000i Generator
Solves a Problem of Generator Hash
Received by My Yaesu FT-897D Transceivers.

Click Here or On Image for
PDF Download of Article (412 K bytes)

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Assembling the VK5JST Aerial Analyser Kit
The VK5JST is a high quality yet low cost
Antenna Analyzer

Link: This kit is sold by the South Coast Amateur Radio Club (Australia)

Click Here or On Image for
PDF Download of Article (3.8 Mb)

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Experimental Tuning Assistant (Aid)
for Yaesu FT-897 / 857

Amateur Radio:
Low cost, easy to assemble Antenna Tuning Assistant

Intended for Yaesu FT-897 / 857 transceivers
- may work with other transceivers

This is an experimental design (for me)
Please send me your comments.

Click Here or On Image for
PDF Download of Article (2.3 Mb)

This summer, 2015, I received an email from Alan,VK3AJH, about a web article of Jonas Duda, N0LY/LY3QA,, describing an alternative circuit for a FT-857/897 tuning accessory similar to my project. Both my and Jonas' circuits use the transceiver’s ACC port to lower transmitting power while sending a CW tone. My circuit has a three switch interface: two switches are to lower power and then to transmit a tone; the third switch is a mid or lowest power transmit option. Jonas' circuit has only one switch that concurrently lowers power and transmits a tone. Alan pointed out that Jonas incorporates a small delay in his circuit before starting transmission because the FT-857/897 does not reduce power instantly. Jonas' delay is a reminder for users of my circuit. For desired operation with my circuit the 'reduce power' switch should be on before the transmit button is pressed, with a second, or so, wait before the transmit tone button is pressed. (If the reduce power switch is not on, then the tone is transmitted at the full power set up in the transceiver.) Thank you Alan and Jonas. --- Andy

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Digital Relative Field Strength Meter

Amateur Radio:
Inexpensive but Effective
Relative Field Strength Meter

for HF, VHF, and UHF Bands.
Nothing Could Be Simpler
Please send me your comments.

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PDF Download of Article (441 KB)

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Wood Case for Integrated FT-817(ND) Transceiver System

Amateur Radio:
The Popular Yaesu FT-817 QRP Radio is Combined
with an Elacraft T1 Antenna Tuner and
SignaLink Computer Interface in a Wood Case

- Portable and Protective
An Unusual Design
Please send me your comments.

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